What is facesitting

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The MEL guide to face-sitting, femdom and not suffocating your partner for too long, at least. Suddenly, a ridged isthmus of flesh enters your periphery. The sun goes dark, blocked out by an unmistakable labia minora. The obstruction draws closer and closer, until — blackness. If the above scene appeals to you, you may already be indoctrinated into the art of face-sitting, a sexual act that is, in essence, an all-access pass to both genitals and ass. This makes for some pretty intense oral contact.

Face-sitting is also known as queening or kinging — basically, using your partner as a throne as you orchestrate your reign of sexual bliss. If your partner has a face, you can sit on it. If your partner has a penis, facing their feet also offers convenient access for what is facesitting good, old-fashioned In practical terms, safety is a must. Freedom is part of the glory of face-sitting, as it leaves your hands free to stimulate other erogenous zones like the nipples or anus.

Kinda, yeah. Oh explains that face-sitting is a common form of erotic humiliation within a BDSM context. The one who is sat upon can be absorbed by the full weight and being of the sit-tee, letting them be lost in the joy of the moment.

What is facesitting

That said, face-sitting is also a perfectly pleasant form of foreplay outside of a BDSM context. The internet is full of relatively affordable queening stools and smotherboxes, with options like this discreet smotherbox with a tasteful ebony stain. Sometimes if you sort of squat without fully sitting and let the bottom person do their thing, they can do more lip and tongue things. Purse your lips outwardly in order to facilitate a way for your tongue to still come out. Like every other aspect what is facesitting face-sitting, riding the mighty mustache is a matter of personal preference.

Lillian Stone is a freelance humor writer and reporter. She has two thoughtless little dogs and writes jokes from her Chicago apartment where the theme is Grey Gardens, But Sexy. What is face-sitting? How do you ensure that both parties are having a good time? This sounds BDSM-y. Is face-sitting BDSM-y? How do I breathe while face-sitting?

Want a more elegant experience? How long has face-sitting been a thing? Last question: Should I shave my facial hair for a smoother ride? Should you be more worried about low sex drive or premature ejaculation? Stronger, more intense male orgasms?

What is facesitting

Yes please! And why do we want to screw as soon as we set foot in a hotel room? Ever wondered what the average of thrusts is during sex? Here you go. Lillian Stone Lillian Stone is a freelance humor writer and reporter. More Stories from MEL.

What is facesitting What is facesitting

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