What does led mean on kik

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Since its launch inmore than million users have downloaded Kik Messenger. The simple instructions in this article tell you how to change your Kik Messenger LED color notification. With so many people ing the Kik Messenger universe every single day, chances are good that you already know someone who is using it.

Far beyond a simple text app, Kik Messenger is a more like a form of social media. Search for friends using Kik, and then easily add them. Kik offers its users many fun ways to interact. Open a chat room and invite friends in for a lively exchange.

What does led mean on kik

Send a Kik to other Kik bots that can check the weather or tell you about the latest fashion trends. As your Kik Messenger interactions multiply, you will want to be sure to not miss a message when it comes through. Most Android devices have a small LED on the face of the phone that blinks when you receive a call, voice mail,text message, push alert, and select activity on an important app like Kik Messenger.

It is helpful for times when you have stepped away from your phone for a bit to do some yard work or for when you have it on silent settings, like in a movie theater.

What does led mean on kik

Kik Messenger sends a notification when someone kiks you. The default color for this blinking light is usually white on Android devices. Kik Messenger makes it easy to change the color of this light to stand out from other notifications coming through your phone so that your Kik notifications stand out from the rest. This option is only available to Android devices downloading the Android version of Kik.

This is because iPhones do not have a dedicated notification light. An iPhone user can activate the camera flash to go off when a call, text, or arrivesbut it is able to flash in only one color — white — which renders this setting in What does led mean on kik Messenger entirely useless.

Knowing this, the folks at Kik did not put the color change option in the iPhone version of the app, to eliminate any possible confusion or, regret. To change the color of the LED flash for your Kik messages notificationfirst open your Kik Messenger app to the home.

You may choose a color for your Kik Messenger notifications simply because it is different than the notification colors used by other apps on your phone. Or, you may choose a certain color because it has meaning to you. Color does more than coordinate our clothing. It imparts a mood and makes a statement. The first color in the list of options on your Kik Messenger is red, a color of action and passion. Red is exciting and motivating.

It awakens us and brings confidence. It stimulates our appetites. Red moves us to a physical reaction with enthusiasm and vigor. People, who like red are dynamic and energetic, usually love being the center of attention, and are normally hard workers. They are often competitive and highly driven. Choose red for your Kik Messenger alert if you want to get up and going quickly to respond. Next on the Kik Messenger colors list is blue, the color of honesty, reliability, and spirituality. Blue seeks to bring calm, comfort, and peace.

It is harmonious and welcoming. Shades of blue speak of intelligence, idealism, and inspiration. If a blue hue is your favorite color, you are probably the steady and grounded one in your group of friends.

What does led mean on kik

Others come to you for advice, and depend on you to be concerned and thoughtful when you give it. Blue is the perfect Kik Messenger LED notification color to set the mood for someone whose friends come to them first for amiable communication and an understanding soul. The third Kik Messenger notification color choice is green.

What does led mean on kik

It may indicate that you love nature. You likely are a natural nurturer, too, because green is the color of growth.

What does led mean on kik

As a fan of green, you are also likely to be generous and forgiving. Green is the color of money, and many people who like green are good at earning it and becoming quite prosperous. Green loves family and friends, so it is a natural for the little light on your phone letting you know one of them is reaching out to you right now.

At the bottom of the list of Kik Messenger LED color choices is white, the color of purity, wholeness, and perfection. White holds within itself all the colors of the spectrum in perfect balance. In the same way, it shows a desire to be totally transparent, offering a cleansing and purifying tone in its presentation and conversations, for white can abide no falsehood or shadows.

There is one other option — No Notification. This setting would suit people who see no need for a notification light at all like developers of the iPhone. The No Notification setting is not used often. Most people want a notification light for incoming Kik messages. After making your selection on the LED Color pop-up menu, click on the screen below behind the pop-up.

What does led mean on kik

Your new notification color is set. To go back to the main screen, press the leftward arrow at the top of the Notifications menu. Now, press the leftward arrow at the top of the Settings menu. You are now back at the home screen where you can chat with all your friends and bots.

You may want to test your new notification light color setting. Try it out by kiking a friend who always responds real fast. I just did it! When your prompt friend kiks you back, you will see your notification light flashing its new Kik Messenger color. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and send a link to this to your friend.

As Kik Messenger continues to grow in of users, and your list of Kik friends grows with it, being sure to never miss a Kik will be more and more important to you.

What does led mean on kik

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