Uk chastity mistress

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Upon starting your chastity journey with me, we will first decide, together, the initial length of your locking. Please think carefully about this as failure to achieve this goal will disappoint me greatly and there will always be the opportunity to extend it as the deadline approaches and you feel more confident and comfortable in your device.

If a period is extended, you will still receive your reward choices on the original deadline day. To begin your journey, you should purchase a chastity device that comes with TWO keys. It is completely up to you the style and make of the device but it must be one that the photos will show is clearly locked. I must be able to see this clearly.

You must also me an address I can then post the device back to.

Uk chastity mistress

The device must NOT be opened or tampered with before sending to me and if there is any evidence of this, the chastity contract will be terminated by uk chastity mistress with immediate effect. This is to ensure I have both keys to the device and that you have not made any copies. I will then send you the device back together with one key. Upon receipt of the device, you will me to receive a key verification code. You will write this code on a piece of card and place the card and key in a shallow dish of water with the code visible.

The dish should then be placed in the freezer so that the water freezes but the code and key are still visible. You must me a photo of this before we begin. At any time during your chastity period, I may you to demand a current photo of the dish to prove it has not been removed from the ice and used. Periodically, at any point, day or night, during the period of your chastity, I will you unannounced a verification code.

Uk chastity mistress

In order to comply with the terms of your chastity contract, you must, within 7 hours of mypost a photo on Twitter of your locked cock with your chastity device and lock and a piece of paper with the verification code all visible. The aim of your chastity journey is to reach the end of the agreed period to receive a reward from me. This is something we both want to achieve and can work together to get a positive result.

If there is a time when it is particularly difficult and you feel you must spend some time out of your cage, you must me to gain a release code. I will respond with full details of how to become one of my chastity subs and the potential rewards.

Uk chastity mistress

This is an increasingly popular option and by its nature highly rewarding. The Journey Upon starting your chastity journey with me, we will first decide, together, the initial length of your locking. Get In Touch. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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Uk chastity mistress

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