Sissy boy names

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I was just wondering about this the other day. Someone on a similar baby name forum asked for "strong" names. I had a few ideas but when I read the list that some others had put up it made me stop and think I guess it would come down to what kind of strengths are valued. I think Nolan and Milo are strong names. I see them as intelligent almost a scholarly type. I know we can't know what our LO's will grow up to be but I think we still name them according to our taste and what we hope. So, basically, what may indicate strength to one person may seem brutish according to one persons standard or sissy to anothers.

I don't think of Nolan or Mason as sissy names. Am I the only one who finds the concept of a 'sissy' name to be kind of offensive? Not every boy needs to have a name like Blade or Thor or Macho. You can be perfectly secure in your masculinity without having a name that sounds like a cartoon villain- not saying your examples of Jack and Michael fall into that sissy boy names, but I definitely see people posting looking for those kinds of names.

This double standard just pisses me off. Boys can't have 'sissy' names, but let's give girls masculine names because anything feminine is bad- ugh. ETA: I might be over-reacting to this specific post, but the concept in general pisses me off. Nope, I'm right there with you. The OP's DH gets a big ole eye-roll for his fear of "sissy names".

I bet Macho Jr. I think it's ok to have preferences that lean one way or the other. Here's my thoughts:. I think there are spectrums of masculine-feminine, soft-harsh and weak-strong. I think my problem lies when people think each of these spectrums are the same thing: they're not. I don't like the mindset that feminine names are automatically softer and automatically weaker. I think a name can be soft without being weak or feminine Joshua or a name can be weak without being feminine or soft Caden.

Or it's possible for a name to be all three Ashley. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting a strong name for your son. But I do have a problem with people thinking that all names that sound a little bit feminine somehow make a person seem like a sissy. That's a simialr to what I am trying to say in my pp. There are planty of strong girl names and names for boys that don't scream MACHO that are still strong. I don't think I would categorize any name as "sissy" therefore, I can't classify what would make a name "sissy" as OP is asking.

I don't think any of your choices are sissy, but I don't really think there are sissy name per say. Some boy names that, in my opinion, end with an -a sound do have a more feminine sound. For example, I will probably never name my son Ezra or Micah. I think sissy names are more like Tristan, Christian, or other names that could go for a girl or boy. What could be more rugged than that? I definitely agree that the sissy terminology is troubling. It smacks of someone wanting to stamp out feminine qualities because of homophobic fears. Certainly, some names have a more feminine, sissy boy names rugged quality to them-- I happen to like a lot of those names, but I could see how it wouldn't everyone's cup of tea and in some cases-- Tristan comes to mind-- they're sissy boy names extreme for my tastes as well.

But I don't see any of the names you are listing as falling into that category. FWIW, I think names are subjective and associations are built based off personal experience and preferences. While I wouldn't necessarily use the term "sissy" to categorize the names mentioned, I do find names such as those mentioned by the OP to be in the trendier category, and less my style. And for the poster that mentioned something about there being less girls with less feminine names because feminine names aren't desirable, I find that a little bit over the top and simply inconsistent with the current SSA data.

Of the top 10, I would categorize all the girls names as "strictly feminine". Log in. My. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Get weekly updates on baby and your body.

Sissy boy names

Start by selecting which of these best describes you! Baby Names New Discussion. August in Baby Names. DH hates to think of his little boys being stuck with sissy names. None of which seem sissy to me maybe not rugged like Jack or Michael, but not sissy, right? So what do you think? What makes a boy name sissy? Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Sissy Boy Names? August I like Mason and don't think its a Sissy name. I do prefer more hardy names for boys though.

Jack, and Hank are a couple i like. Report 0 Reply.

Sissy boy names

Loading the player Zimger member. EXL member. I see where he's coming from. I feel the same way about names like Tristan, Julian and Adrian. Apparently for me it's more often the -an ending although I don't think Nolan or the other names you've listed sound sissy at all. I don't think any of the ones you named are "sissy" names. I immediately thought of Lindsay or Eugene or Seymour.

MichelleL member. Warning No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml. PCOS Dx Lane and Britney Forever member. I don't think they are sissy. I like Mason and Nolan! Sometimes I am surprised by the trendy sissy boy names names that are gaining popularity in that I don't think they sound particularly masculine. However, I also agree with pps in their evaluation of "sissy" names.

I don't find those to be sissy boys names. Notwifezilla7 member. George Carlin did a whole bit on guys named Todd Not Wifezilla. I do have to agree with your DH In fact MOST are so cute, that they quickley move over to the girls!! My thought is always, Be proud of what gender you have and give a boy a good strong boy name, one that leaves no guessing to teachers and if you have a girl, give her a good strong female name again. Hope this make sense.

Sissy boy names

He vetoed Emmett, my favorite, but is super into Cyril and Klaus right now no. I also like Milo, Wesley and some others he won't even think of. But we've gotten it worked down to a few options we both like as we get farther along. I know people always say this, but family names can be a lifesaver. Thanks for responding. I like all the variety in the replies. I'm actually kind of glad that neither sissy boy names us are alone. I can certainly see the point about wanting a name that leaves no guessing when the newborn seems neutral and I really do want good names for my.

I don't think I want to use my kids to make a statement or anything, I just want slightly unique names, so they won't be overrun with multiple kids around with the same name. Thanks again for all the answers!!

Sissy boy names

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