Sensory deprivation kink

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Sensory deprivation is a commonly used practice in BDSM and sensual sexytime, too that makes us focus on our other senses by depriving us of one or more senses. For example, blindfolds are commonly used to deny us sight, but sensory deprivation kink forces us to rely on touch, smell, hearing and taste to guess what is coming next. This is a fun way to make us focus in an unnatural way due to our reliance on all five senses.

If we have a blindfold on, our sense of touch feels more intense, we have greater depth in our ability to hear, our sense of smell is more keen, and we can taste things to greater degree. The sense of sight is the most common form of sensory deprivation because sight is the one sense we rely on more than any other.

We have already mentioned blindfoldsthe one go to device in sensory deprivation. There are also ways to limit vision by getting rid of peripheral vision, like a horse with side blinders. Sensory deprivation kink a mask narrows the scope of our vision to what is in front of us. Hoods are also a common theme in BDSM. They are great for limiting both sight and hearing. Onions, bitters, sour candies, or mouth wash is a great way to mask the next taste detected in your mouth. Taste and smell go hand in hand.

So, if you plug the nose, taste is slightly hampered. For extra fun, learn what parts of the tongue detect what flavor and sadistically overload it. Extreme sour candies placed near the center on the sides of the tongue can overwhelm someone to he point of tears if left long enough.

The sense of smell can be blocked simply by plugging the nose. As mentioned before, this also affects taste to a minor degree. Using a hood that blocks sight and sound in conjunction with a clothespin on the nose will force your lover to focus all their attention to what they feel on their skin.

Sensory deprivation kink

This intensifies both the good and the bad. Hoods, earplugs, and headphones with noise cancelling or loud music are all great ways to limit hearing. To really use hearing to its best effect, pick the same music to use time and again while delving in kinky fun. This does two things. It blocks the sound via loud music. It also trains the mind and body to crave sex or kink when that music comes on. Discordant electronic music has the added benefit of causing mental confusion to the loss of hearing. This is particularly useful during interrogation scenes when you want the submissive to be a bit confused and focus their attention to the other senses.

Depriving someone of their sense of touch is a bit different compared to the other senses. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. The only sensory deprivation kink to effectively decrease the sense of touch is to either create a barrier liquid latex, plastic wrap or through a topical anesthetic that will numb the skin.

Both of these have potential risks you should watch for low blood pressure, latex allergies, seizure disorders, etc. Try playing with one or more of these forms of deprivation and then start with some great sensory play to tantalize the senses that are not dulled. Having a blindfold then tickling someone with a feather might just be a little more adventurous than you thought!

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Sensory deprivation kink

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Sensory deprivation kink

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Sensory deprivation kink

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