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As I hopped out of my rental on the last Tuesday of November, a r/sellingnudes R. Jai shouted as I took a seat, prompting her husband, the man who in came 32, votes shy of running the state of Florida, out of an adjacent office. Looking equal parts casual and cerebral, wearing a tightly cropped beard, glasses, sweatpants, and socks, Andrew Gillum greeted me with a friendly elbow bump.

A good-looking, well-liked Black Southerner, the year-old Gillum had risen steadily from city commissioner to statewide candidate and celebrated resistance darling with a seemingly unlimited future. Then it all came crashing down. According to the document, an incapacitated Gillum had been found by police in a Miami Beach hotel room with a male sex worker, baggies that the cops suspected contained crystal meth and other narcotics, and a third man, who had called So Owens, who has more than 2.

The department vowed to investigate the leak of the document but closed its probe after interviewing three officers and without identifying a source. Not long after that, the Daily Mail published photos taken by police at the scene; r/sellingnudes photo, published by a right-wing blog, showed a naked Gillum seemingly passed out in his own r/sellingnudes.

Jai told her mother and brother. The story presented a salacious cocktail—drugs, possible solicitation, and pd infidelity. It was a scandal not only about substances and sex but also about sexuality. Gillum withdrew from public life, releasing a statement and checking himself into alcoholism rehab. Beyond the professional implications came the more personal, and even more difficult, familial fallout. The circumstances provoked questions about what, precisely, R. Left politely unsaid in public, but ever present in gossipy whispers, was the idea that perhaps the entire marriage had been a convenient r/sellingnudes.

The truth was more complicated: For at least a year prior to that night in Miami, their partnership, filled with galas and campaigns and events with the Obamas, had been crumbling. Life as a public figure, much less a political couple, requires image management, and both they and I knew that their participation in a profile provided them an avenue to at least partially re-seize the narrative around their relationship.

Jai explained at one point. The Gillums said they were willing to discuss the incident in Miami—although they stopped participating when I later attempted to confirm the details—but were also eager to talk about the tumult that preceded it and the rebuilding that followed. There was nowhere to hide, which they now believe is exactly what they needed. Jai told me. As an ambitious freshman charged with overseeing senate decorum, Andrew approached R.

Jai at a meeting to chide his future wife, a biology student two years his senior, for her skirt being too short. R/sellingnudes standard-issue black business skirt in question had been purchased the summer, after R. Jai had saved up enough money to buy it for an internship in R/sellingnudes Francisco.

Jai explained proudly. Jai conceded. After college, Andrew spent months failing to become more than a friend: He got her from a mutual acquaintance, but she never called him back; he gave her his after running into her at the mall, but she never called.

By then Andrew was a year-old phenom: As a Tallahassee city commissioner, he was one of the youngest Black politicians r/sellingnudes elected to public office in Florida. The status of their relationship oscillated on and off for five years while they both dated other people. By the time Andrew r/sellingnudes to get serious, R. Jai had broken things off altogether. Before long they were back together for good, and it was time for Andrew to reveal something important about himself.

Andrew had figured out as that he was attracted to both boys and girls. It casts bisexuality as deceitful, even inherently shameful, which can in turn create a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: When your identity is seen as false or deviant, keeping it to yourself can feel like the only safe option. He knew that r/sellingnudes he wanted R. Still, she admits, she had concerns.

Jai recalled. According to R. How does this work? Yet there was something different about the Gillums: Their partnership was a public one. By the time they married in MayAndrew had been an elected official for six years. They briefly considered having him come out publicly before his Tallahassee mayoral run—Andrew said he knew the fact that he had dated men in the past could be revealed and thought sharing his personal story would aid his advocacy for marriage equality—but feared losing r/sellingnudes remained of their private lives and prompting public questioning about their marriage.

And so he continued his public life as presumptively straight, even as his growing prominence soon brought waves of new attention. Andrew and R. Jai on the campaign trail in Miami, just before losing the gubernatorial election.

He had spent the better part of campaigning for Hillary Clinton and thought there could be a potential role in her administration for him. With two-year-old twins at home, the Gillums assumed a campaign would put their plans for further family expansion on hold. Jai was already pregnant with their third. The Gillums say their marriage became mechanical: When he was home, his time off was spent primarily with the children, leaving little for them as a couple.

After he pulled off an upset and won the primary, Andrew asked R. Jai if she would step away from her job at the Florida Dental Association and him full time on the trail. She declined, wanting to preserve the individual identity that her career provided. Rather than fully process the loss, he kept his schedule packed. He took a Harvard fellowship, launched a r/sellingnudes voter-mobilization effort, and accepted a slew of speaking gigs. For the first three months ofhe spent nearly every day on the road.

That February, his father died suddenly. It started with whiskey in his morning coffee; then he switched to a clear liquor whose smell was easier to conceal from his wife. He said no. How do we make this amicable for our children? Because this is not working for me. When the couple traveled to Atlanta in October for the launch of Tyler Perry Studios, the most Black-and-bougie event this side of the Obama years, Andrew drank so much at the r/sellingnudes bar beforehand that he began to fall asleep at the table as dinner gave way to a Mary J.

Blige concert. Jai said.

Jai dragged him home early, prompting a flurry of texts from friends about everything they were missing at the party. She was furious. Andrew was hungover. The lowest, most public r/sellingnudes of the spiral was still months away. Andrew said that he spent most of the day of March 12 boozing on Miami Beach. He had a few hours before R. Jai and their friends would arrive at the house they had all rented for a wedding, which Andrew was set to officiate. Eventually he needed to pick up a rental car from the airport, but instead he drank his way up and down the beach.

At some point in the early evening, he decided to meet up with Travis Dysonthen a year-old nurse and sex worker, whom he said he had met a couple of months prior. Andrew left the beach, took an Uber to the Mondrian South Beach, and went up to room I have no idea why. It was only later, Andrew said, that he saw the photo of himself incapacitated. He insists he did not knowingly consume drugs that night. Still, he said, he should have never been in that hotel room.

And I still made choices to put myself in that. Because I knew that much. Given the state that I was in, I knew that much was possible. And until now, Dyson—the other man in the room—has declined to provide any confirmation or denial. But when I later reached Dyson by phone, he told a very different story and maintained there was no setup. Although the Miami New Times reported that Dyson and Gillum had met the spring, Dyson told me the reporter had misunderstood him. In fact, Dyson said, the two first connected a week or two prior on the gay-dating app Grindr and in the days since had met up multiple times for paid sexual encounters.

He said that on that night and others, both he and Andrew used G and other drugs. Dyson acknowledged taking photos and videos, and sending some of them to friends, but said he took them in r/sellingnudes to be able to later show Andrew what had happened. He said he then took care of Andrew for several hours before accidentally overdosing himself. He said the third man in the police report, whom I could not reach for comment, was another r/sellingnudes who had never met Andrew and called after showing up for a separate appointment. How one of the photos Dyson took that night, showing r/sellingnudes naked Andrew seemingly passed out in his own vomit, ended up on a conservative political blog is a saga of its own.

Dyson maintains that he never gave it to the media. Enrique Tarrio, of Proud Boys infamy, told me he began texting contacts in Miami after seeing news reports about the incident and before long had been sent a screenshot of the photo. He then contacted Jacob Engels, a right-wing journalist in Florida, who published it on his blog. What precisely happened that night remains unclear. As we r/sellingnudes in the living room, Andrew recounted the incident in slow, deliberate sentences and said he is still wrestling with its implications.

He embarrassed his family. He reinforced misguided stereotypes of bisexuals. And still, he believes, he was wronged. How did I get to this? Because even in bad decision-making, I want to know that R/sellingnudes have the power, the choice. Across town that night in Miami, R.


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