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Hi all, Have anyone used PolyamoryDate. As a free member I still cannot make my mind, if this one is another "lure in side", or it actually has at least some of real people there. Lacey Anonymous. Hi there, i too am considering this site cannot make up my mind.

I had a message from someone and replied but i assume you have to be a full paying member to send a message? They cant expect people to pay up straight away without testing it out first surely? Did you go for it? If so, any luck? Escott Anonymous. Hi there, We too are looking at this site but see no reviews.

If it's affiliated with the AFF site, its full of flakes and fakes. We are a very attractive and open couple, but it seems way too polyamorydate com reviews to find compatible couples that aren't looking to add notches to their belts but are really interested in a polyamorous relationship.

Yes, i looked at the AFF site and noticed it is exactly the same. I'm quite new to this kind of lifestyle and thought it would be good to get a better in site with people who are much more involved but it's still such a taboo subject i guess. Alicia Anonymous. I was looking for reviews on this site earlier and just came accross this thread. My partner and I ed up for polyamorydate a few weeks ago paid and are having some success but I guess I wanted more polyamorydate com reviews.

I think it is the same members as AFF actually. Seriously, we have tried every site possible that might cater to our poly lifestyle and even though this may be related to AFF it actually seems to be the best for us so far. Probably because although the members are a mixed bag in terms of what they're looking for sex, sex and more sex! Because I'm paying now I can answer any questions you guys have about what's inside, if you're still looking for help.

Love to Everyone! Thanks Alicia, Yes that is one thing about many other sites out there is that they do not offer the couple or group options. So you are having some luck from the paid version? Sounds hopefull at least do you still get a lot of spammers?

There are the occasional spam message. These sites that are more "adult" seem to be a real target for that stuff. But the spam isn't coming from the site itself - meaning, they don't send you fake messages to get you to pay, thank god. It's pretty easy to weed the fake messages out though - it's often just an escort here and there. Annoying but I just ignore it. Yeah, we are having success! We've already gone on dates with two different women who were happy to meet both of us. One just wanted to meet my partner first, but that is okay with me too. Nothing wild happened - just went for drinks.

Had a lot of fun with one woman who enjoyed flirting with both of us. I'm pretty sure we're going to see her again this weekend. We're just trying to take it slow and get to know people first. However, for anyone who is looking for instant threesome stuff, you will love this site.

It almost seems like it's easier to just get laid than to find a relationship, haha! Hi all, And thanks for the reply. I am the one who started this topic, but since for some time there were no replies, by now I am paid member too. Anyway, back to poly. We have been there just for a few weeks as paid members, so I guess at some point you can expect full and no BS report from me, but it can take sometime… We do not sent millions e-mails, etc… so to get real evaluation takes time.

Anyway, first impression is: there are real people polyamorydate com reviews but wait until we get ore experience from this site … by the way, I am from Sydney… if polyamorydate com reviews report, would be good if you point out your location as well… May or may not be relevant, but for global site, it may be different depending there you are….

Just a thought, if there will be more interested people to sent feedback on this site. Thanks, stay tunned. Here is update, as promised. Not sure, perhaps final. There are real people and girls on the site. I do suspect that there is some percentage of fakes as well, but not sure how that happens.

I am sure that one way or another site might be evolved as well, but may be not. So far no prove one way or another. Mainly, because I fond large of exactly the same profiles on other sites.

Have no prove to this, but way polyamorydate com reviews many duplicate profiles to be coincidence. Again, there are real girls, and quite a few of them, even if not all. Obviously, way too many times more guys, than girls, but that is like everywhere. More than that. Good point here, a few of them were deleted by poly site, even before I realised that, and they notified me about this. Site itself have quite a few technical issues, but that does not really matter, except that sites I prefer and trust more, usually have less tech issues.

Nothing major at all, so no issues with usage, but rather now and then causes some inconvenience, no more than that, but still … no one looking to fix them. Well to me looks that they do not want to invest as long as it works, who cares? Very few actually interested in real terms, probably consequence of huge difference in of males vs females, couples. Not only this, of course… but this is about site, not about communication between people In the end of the day, s would be most important.

I believe, for Sydney area, probably it is not a best site, but defiantly among sites I can use, and will be at least for a while. Yes, I do not want to meet anyonebut perhaps I am bit unrealistic due to mentioned issues with of girls vs guys. Not sure if I will update more, as unless I discover something dramatically different to my current assessment of the site, I guess not much more to say.

Keeping in mind topic is about site, not dating in general. That is me again.

Basically there are many fake profiles of girls. So ratio of real girls vs man much worse than I thought. New Topic Post Reply. All times are EDT. The time is now am. Search Search.

Polyamorydate com reviews

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