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Kik Messenger is a wildly popular social chat app. And the Kik network is growing, with aboutpeople downloading the app every single day. With so many people using Kik Messenger as their primary texting app, making new friends is easy.

In fact, the app is deed to make finding new friends as easy as it can be. Just share a user name and start chatting. Help people find you adding the Kikme keyword to your post. From the other side of that exchange, you can search for the Kikme tag in almost every form of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and others, and almost always turn up plenty of leading you to people much like you looking to chat with a new friend.

Plus, there are many Kik Friend Finder sites out there helping people find one another on the Kik Messenger network. Kik Messenger is also deed to make new friends safe. Unlike other social chat apps, Kik Messenger does not use your mobile phone or your social media profile to you to other users. When you up with Kik, you choose an anonymous user name that is permanent and then a display name that you can change whenever you want. That is all a new Kik friend sees — no phonee-mail address, or social media name is available to them.

You still have your part to do in preserving your online safety. You must never give out your real name, address, city and state, phoneschool, work, birth date, e-mail address, or any other identifying information to a stranger online.

No how well you hit it off, how much you seem to have in common, or how sad and pity-worthy the person on the other end of the chat may sound, you guard your identity. If you are going to launch out into some of the more aggressive methods of finding new friends for chat, you always want to be sure that your display name on Kik Messenger is not showing your real first and last name.

It is always a good idea to use the photo and video features in Kik Messenger for a quick reassurance that the person you meet online is, at a minimum, the age and gender they claim to be. You can do this by exchanging an instant picture or video

Fake camera apps let someone store a photo in the gallery on their phone yet send it to you with date and time stamps that make it look instant and fresh. That is deceptive and you must be one step ahead of them. This is why, when you meet someone new and agree to exchange instant photos as proof of who you are, you both should insist on a video clip and prescribe what the other person will doing in the video. This will prove that the video was just taken more any date and time step ever could.

For example, you might tell her to say your user name three times while blinking with both eyes as she says it. In return, she might ask that you say her user name three times with one eye closed and the open. Be sure to change it up a little with new each person you meet.

Kikme is a universal term among Kik Messenger users that lets someone know you are looking to chat. It is often used as a hash tag, kikme, and sometimes combined with other hash tags, like kikboys or kikgirls, depending on who you to kik you. However you use it, alone in combination with other Kik keywords and lingo, the term Kikme is almost guaranteed to become your gateway to new friends and fun chat. Who knows how many of them are sitting around, just as bored as you, hoping someone will send them a kik? Just out a kik with that one word and see how many responses you get. When you do that, though, you really have to be careful.

On Facebook, you can mark your post so that only friends or friends of friends can see itand I suggest doing just that. On Twitter, however, just about anyone on the face of the earth can find any post with a hash tag search. A lot of people go ahead and post their Kik Messenger user name so that total strangers can contact them without even a Twitter or Facebook nick between them.

As well as Facebook and Twitter, you will find people posting friends with the keyword Kikme and may add your own Kikme post at InstagramTumblerand other social media sites. To post a kikme thread at KikPalsyou have to be a member at Reddit.

Once registered, you are free post in accordance with the rules, which you will find clearly listed in the right side bar on the. The first rule listed in the biggest type of any is that no member is permitted to post their Kik in a post within the thread.

Contact has to be made through private messages in order to exchange user names. way, at the very least, there is a small bit of ability and identification should something go splat since Reddit has attached an identity to each person at registration. You will find other Kik Friend Finders that do not require any prior contact before user names are made available to anyone and everyone visiting the site.

Again, always be safe when meeting someone new onlin e. Most people we meet on Kik Messenger are honestly looking for a new friend for chat, just like us; there are, however, a few that are looking for someone to exploit in some way. We keep up our guard at first so that we can avoid becoming entangled with that kind of person by not sharing any information that can identify us too much, like a real name or location, or our birth date, phoneor work and school.

Making new friends on Kik Messenger is a lot of fun. Really, it is! You can strike up a chat with someone on the other side of town, the other side of the country, and once in a from way across a vast ocean. The Kikme keyword is a part of online Kik lingo that lets you reach out to new friends or find people reaching out to you. Most people are just like us, looking for a fun chat with a new friend, but there are a small few with unsavory intent. Just be safe at first, taking it and guarding your privacy. Thanks for reading!

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