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Send feedback. I Am Sexy. Ri is a self-worth and identity mentor who is passionate about helping women discover their true worth and be empowered to embrace their sexy! Ri and her guests connect the iamsexy between self-worth and sexy in their conversations about sex, trauma, relationships, body positivity and everything in between. They go through unchartered waters as they redefine sexy and look at the most common and taboo areas of womanhood, with nothing too much, too iamsexy or too hard to talk about.

Each episode aims to educate, encourage and empower women on all journeys to grow, glow and own their sexy! Available episodes. Aug 20, This week I sat down and recorded our journey to falling pregnant. The journey that we are still walking.

And if any part of our story resonates with you, then I share this to tell you that you are not alone. The one challenge I give to you today, is this.

Not every story is what you think it is. So please. Take time to hold space for the women in your life and seek to understand what it is that they are going on because every journey is different. Thanks for listening! Head to my insta and follow the link in iamsexy bio for the latest book updates and how to ! Aug 11, This week I caught up with Emma Wynne.

You may know Em from the reality iamsexy series The Single Wives, where she ed 3 other brave women in their journey to start dating again after dealing with divorce or the loss of their husband. If you want to connect with Emma who wouldn't!?

For more of Em's coaching goodness, be sure to check out her brand new podcast Walk Through The Wound Thanks for listening! Jul 29, Ladies, allow me to introduce you to Charlotte Squires.

I reached out to Charlotte after knowing her mum Tanya and I am so honoured that she has taken the time to sit down and get super vulnerable in sharing her story with me and you. Charlotte comes from a big and beautiful family of 6. She carries a light and brightness to her that is totally infectious but beyond her beautiful personality and energy, she carries a story that is beyond empowering. Charlotte is a cancer survivor, mum to 1 year old Rupert, partner to Jack, doula in training and passionate woman advocate! If you want to connect with Charlotte who wouldn't!?

Jul iamsexy, This episode I am ed by Tanya Guccione tanyaguccione on Instagram. Tanya is bright, bubbly and super creative. Head to my insta and follow the link in my bio for the lates book updates and how to ! Jun 17, Hey sexy! Boundaries are a foreign area for so many people, they definitely were for me prior to 22 years old but they've been a powerful aid in allowing me to feel safe in my relationships and create safe spaces for others.

In this episode I define boundaries and look at what boundaries are and what they are not. I breakdown the 4 types of boundaries and I chat through the 4 stages of implementing boundaries. Here is an excerpt from my show prep to help you understand iamsexy to be responsible for iamsexy, the choices that you make and the emotions that you feel. Sentence 2. When someone says this to us, they are shifting the responsibility of changing their emotions to us. When we say this to someone, we are not taking responsibility for our emotions. The process of setting boundaries that I refer to in this episode is adapted from coach Jody Moore and her podcast episode on Boundaries.

I would encourage you to listen to her episode here as she answers some great questions that clarify some of the questions that may have. Jun 10, I came across Grace a couple of months ago and iamsexy magnetized to her vibrant, bubbly energy and positivity.

When you hear her story you will come to see that she is the definition of strength and resilience. Iamsexy is a type 1 diabetic, mental health advocate, abuse survivor, biz owner and body positivity influencer. In this episode we chat about what it's like to grow up with emotional abuse, being diagnosed with a chronic illness and learning to love your body when everything is telling you that it's just not worthy.

Jun 3, This episode is with Herturnontop Ambassador Sarah Hunter. Sarah is a wife, global strengths coach, business owner and absolute ray of sunshine. Her Turn on Iamsexy is an Instagram focused on educating people when it comes to sex.

This chat was so rewarding to record because whilst being insightful and educating, it brought out a lot iamsexy realness. Follow Sarah on Instagram at sarahhunter. May 27, Shan is an absolute boss babe when it comes to living real! Her life mission is to help women transform the way they think about themselves and others by educating and inspiring them to fully step into their deepest, most real, rawest and fully unedited, unapologetic versions of themselves. This is one of the things that I just adore about Shan.

Shani and I chat about everything from the importance of comfy underwear to owning your story and loving your body even when it's not what you or others think it "should" be. This is a chat straight from the heart! May 20, Come say hi over on Insta iamsexytp. May 13, Learning to Love Well with Jessi Abass. This week I caught up with Jessi Abass - an absolute ray of love and light! Jess is a creative mastermind and deer who lives out her belief in constant growth, self-development and all things loving yourself.

We dove headfirst into what sexy means and looks like in our lives, in and outside of faith. We talked about unlearning negative self-beliefs, building honest and open friendships and what it looks like to live with boundaries AND love. Iamsexy sure you iamsexy Jessi on Instagram jessiabass and say hi!

May 6, Body Confidence with Brooke Lindsay. The first episode of The iamsexy podcast is finally here! It's been a journey to get here and what a leap of faith! But we made it and boy am I excited! Brooke is iamsexy amazing things in the body positivity sphere helping women to retrain their brain, ditch the negative self-talk and help them step into their power.

Brooke shares her story and her heart for women and we chat about what it means to be a confident woman. May 5,


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