Gay cigar fetish

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Las Vegas this year is home to the annual Smokeout, a fun-filled and uncomplicated weekend for cigarmen, bikers, leathermen, bears and their friends from all over the world. I attended last year for the first time, and after this year, I now plan to never miss it. It's one of my favorite events. Local cigar enthusiast and Media Manager at Mr. I asked Kristofer what he enjoyed gay cigar fetish the event.

I also enjoy the sexy mix of guys in and out of leather. It feels like a clan that everyone is equally included in. Cigars have been something I have smoked and played with on rare occasion for decades, but it wasn't until May while I was attending International Mr. Leather in Chicago that my interest in cigars as a more deeply rooted fetish took hold.

At the time, I was so taken with my newfound fetish that I used my learning more about them as a metaphor for how I felt most BDSM and kink education should take place. Men and women from all walks of kink enjoy cigars as an erotic fetish, but the interest among a certain segment of kinky gay men has been prevalent for a long time.

Gay cigar fetish

Interest seems to be increasing steadily in recent years. While I don't have any data to reference, my anecdotal evidence suggests that the of men drawn to cigars as an enjoyable kinky social pursuit and as an erotic fetish has risen considerably over the last decade.

From what I have observed, most guys in the leather and kink communities who enjoy cigars consider it one style of smoking fetishism also known as capnolagnia. As a fetish, its mechanisms regarding sexual arousal stem primarily from the observation or imagination of a person smoking, either other people or oneself.

Of course, people can enjoy cigars entirely for the act of smoking them with no sexual connotations, but it's their connection to the leather and kink scene and eroticism generally that fascinates me the most. The of cigar groups, events and accommodations for cigar smokers at leather and kink events around the country seem to indicate that gay men are finding the allure of smoking and playing with cigars hotter than ever. JD Girac is the dedicated leader of this group that also has a popular Yahoo group they use as an organizing and connecting platform www.

I asked JD what his impressions are of how guys see cigars; as a standalone fetish, as a hot look, or as another type of play gear? For others, it's part of their persona and how they present themselves. It's a statement about masculinity, and sometimes dominance or control. A cigar is or can be symbolic, and a power object. But sometimes 'a cigar is just a cigar,' as Freud said. And it's usually very easy to spot the guys who are posing or conforming to some idea of trendiness, because they don't do it well. And not all cigarmen are into alternative niches such as leather and gear.

Whenever gay cigar fetish topic of cigars arises, the health risks are occasionally raised. It's known that regular cigar smoking is associated with an increased risk for certain cancers, maladies of the mouth, and for those who inhale most cigar smokers do not inhalesome lung issues. However, like many of the kinky practices we engage in, managed risk, on some level, is considered a part of much of what we kink folks do. Everyone should be educated and decide for themselves the proper risk and reward balance that's right for them.

If you want to learn about cigars and the art of smoking them, there are many books and sites from which you can learn. Enter "about cigars" into any online search engine and you'll be delivered a plethora of information and resources. And nothing can replace having an experienced cigar smoker show you the ins and outs.

Topics to explore include: the various types of cigars; best cigars for beginners; how and where to purchase gay cigar fetish how to properly prepare, light and smoke a cigar; correct storage of cigars, and much more. Playing erotically with cigars should be approached with caution as you would with many other styles of BDSM and kink play.

Since you're working with a burning hot element, you don't want to accidentally hurt someone in unwanted ways. Seek out experienced leather and kink cigarfolk who can show you the correct, safe ways to use them during your erotic encounters. One of the challenges of smoking cigars in a dense urban environment such as San Francisco is finding a suitable public place in which to smoke. The SF Eagle outdoor patio is one such location and they have many cigar gatherings taking place at their establishment throughout the year.

Gay cigar fetish

Smaller, private gatherings happen throughout the Bay Area. By seeking out fellow cigar enthusiasts you can learn about their locations. Race Bannon is a local author, blogger and activist. You can reach him on his website, www. Party with a crowd of international LGBTQ cartoonists, scholars, and fans, and draw fabulous models of all varieties with provided art supplies and libations at the Drink and Draw.

Gay cigar fetish

Gear play party leather, rubber, harnesses, etc. Come Meet and greet these fine men. These humorous awards are intended to poke fun at various sexual activities while at the same time provide a unique charity fundraising opportunity. At this workshop led by J. Matthew VanHorn, take a deep look into limiting beliefs, discovering ways to overcome them, stepping fully into your epic-ness, and diving into pleasure practices. While this workshop is open to all who identify as men over the age of 18, not everyone is a good match for it.

If you are interested in ing, call for a brief conversation via phone at or matthew eroticexploration. They will host the weekly beer bust; enjoy a great day of bikers, boys and booze. Friendly San Jose gay cigar fetish bar is hosting a Furry night. then for Party Animals; full bar and DJed music. Men's BDSM dungeon play party. Go to website and request an invite if you have not been to one of their events recently.

A place to dance where you can be your kinky selves. the Exiles following IMSL weekend as they navigate this relevant subject in an inter-generational panel facilitated by Ms. Want the top daily stories delivered to your inbox? In Register. Subscribe Contribute. One way is sharing the smoke in a kiss. Comments on Facebook.

Gay cigar fetish

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