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Snapchat Discover is notorious for its Kardashian content in the U. Interestingly, Snapchat is taking a lead role in creating political content. The platform, which has 8 million daily users in France, is giving its French users a chance to submit questions of the main political candidates in the run-up to the first wave of elections on April Users can submit videos where they ask a specific question or can send in questions via messages.

Between 10 and 15 questions are posed, with each response taking about 10 seconds. Each video is about five minutes in length. Conservative candidate Francois Fillon was first up. A video french snapchat his responses ran on Discover on Monday, March Can you bring us in as parliamentary assistants? He was asked what he would do for students and what initiatives he has planned to revive the European Union.

Both were asked what their favorite Snapchat filter was, what they wanted to be when they wereand whether they would welcome more migrants in France. Both also had to explain in 10 seconds why voters should pick them. A different candidate will be featured each day this week. On election day, a selection of voting-themed lenses and geofilters will be made available for French Snapchat users to show and share support for their preferred candidates.

An Our Story will also run, featuring national and local electioninput from political journalists, and the acceptance speeches from the candidates and footage of their election night celebrations. Snapchat has had people on the ground in France with the candidates to make the videos, though the core editorial Stories team is based in London. This is the first major push from Snapchat to engage users with politics in France, having run an initial geofilter last November reminding users to register to vote.

It also ran a Story covering the primaries in January in France, featuring an exclusive reaction of the Primaires Citoyennes winner Benoit Hamon. Likewise, in the U. It also recently partnered with the Electoral Commission to run geofilters encouraging young people in Scotland to vote. London is the main international hub for Snapchat, although its news team works with a Europewide purview and there are native French speakers on the team. Snapchat hired its first team lead for Germany last week. French snapchat Bullwinkel, a former Facebook executive, was hired as country manager for Germany, where she will lead a team.

Though Snapchat is equally secretive about the location and size of the German team. Although Snapchat Discover has become known for its entertainment-led content, agencies believe the platform is in prime position to engage younger generations in politics. And Snapchat does have that potential. It has the potential to become much more than a fun entertainment platform but more of a news platform like Twitter and Facebook.

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French snapchat

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