Female masturbation forum

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Girls I'm 17 and for the last few years have gotten into the habit of masturbating first thing when I wake up and last thing at night pretty much everyday. If I'm not in school during the day, it wouldn't be unusual for me to do it a few more times in between as well if I'm at home.

This isn't a subject my friends and I are comfortable discussing in any detail so I'd just like to know from other girls if this is normal or if it seems excessive? I get the impression that it's quite a lot which makes me worried. It's not like I always have to orgasm though I usually doit's just something I find comforting and relaxing.

What does everyone else female masturbation forum is normal? Not what you're looking for? Anonymous 2. Report 9 years ago 2. Care-Free Badges: Report 9 years ago 3. Completely normal. Beau 13 Badges: 0. Report 9 years ago 4. Totally normal! Everyone is different and so everyone will do it in varying amounts and at different times.

I totally agree with you saying its a comfort and relaxation thing! If I have a stressfull day I will do the same thing. That is just your way of relaxing after a busy day and dealing with the stress of every day life. Zoombini Badges: 4. Report 9 years ago 5. Yeh its normal, its only if it starts making you feel uncomfortable or starts affecting female masturbation forum day that you need to worry. Sazzy Badges: Report 9 years ago 6. Sounds normal to me, as long as you're not obsessed with masturbating and it's not affecting your life in a negative way I don't see it as something to be concerned about anyway.

JenKat Badges: 0. Report 9 years ago 7. Sounds normal! I was the same when I was at school. I tended to do it more when I was feeling stressed so exam time was rather interesting.

Seriously though you have nothing to worry about! Report 9 years ago 8. I think it's less normal for women than men, as in a big proportion don't do it. But there's no reason why they shouldn't, to be honest they're missing out because it helps you understand your body when you're doing stuff with guys. Report 9 years ago 9.

Report 9 years ago GirasoleL Badges: Its perfectly normal, we're all different in the sense that all people vary in their sex drives, so while some people may only masturbate a few times a week or less, others might do so more than once a day. I wouldn't worry about it. ChelseyElla Badges: Female masturbation is still a bit of a stigma even though it's less now making it uncomfortable for many people to talk about.

Everyone will vary how often they masturbate or even if they masturbate at all but it's all normal. You may think it's not so normal simply due to girls often not being so open about it but it doesn't mean people aren't doing it as often as you. Original post by sperm is bad this is totally sickening and female masturbation forum and you can guarantee there are no other girls in the whole world that do the same as you, go see a doctor you sick pervert.

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Female masturbation forum

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