Fecal fetish

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Feb Posted by drmarkgriffiths. Coprophilia also known as coprolagnia is a paraphilia where people get sexual pleasure from faeces. Sexual excitement typically comes from either i watching somebody defecate on somebody else or ii they themselves defecating on somebody else. In rare instances, some people may become sexually aroused when they are defecated upon by somebody else. Surprisingly little scientific research has been carried out on coprophilia, probably because it is so rare. There are certainly pornographic films that include sexual defecation acts notably some Japanese pornography.

Some of these films include coprophiliacs engage in coprophagia i.

Fecal fetish

However, there are case reports in the literature of non-psychotic coprophiliacs with normal intelligence such as one published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy in The most infamous copraphiliac was allegedly Adolf Hitler. However, other books on Hitler have been more explicit. He always rejected the coquettish advances of girls or women.

His natural bent was developed into coprophilia being shat on …With each deconstruction an embarrassing addiction is developed and filmed.

Fecal fetish

With Hitler it was sadomasochism, coprophilia and homosexuality. The few studies that have been carried out have tended to be done on sadomasochist individuals although even for sadomasochists this appears to be a rare activity for them to engage in. The also showed that the sadomasochists were socially well-adjusted and that their SM behavior was mainly a facilitative aspect of their sexual lives. In a follow-up study published in the journal Deviant Behavior, Sandnabba and colleagues analysed data from a subset of twelve men from fecal fetish study of sadomasochists who had also engaged in zoophilic activities.

This group was then compared with a control group of sadomasochists from the same data set but who had not engaged in zoophilic activities. showed seven out of twelve zoophilic sadomasochists had engaged in coprophilic acts whereas only one in twelve non-zoophilic sadomasochists had engaged in coprophilic acts.

Fecal fetish

In fact, the zoophilic sadomasochists were more likely to engage in a wide range of sexual behaviours including spanking, gagging, biting, urophilia urinating on or being urinated on for sexual pleasurefisting, coprophilia, skin branding, and transvestism i. The authors concluded that zoophilic sadomasochists were more sexually experimental than the non-zoophilic sadomasochistic controls. An earlier study on a much bigger sample of paraphiliacs also reported that zoophiles appear to engage in many paraphilic behaviours including coprophilia. The following example is a self-report that I found in an online fecal fetish group:.

Eventually it felt odd and good that I urinated in them.

Fecal fetish

I wet my bed for days when I was a young boy and stopped when my parents found out about it. When I was young, I hated bowel movements. It felt gross and stuff. After discovering masturbation, I eased my bowel movements by masturbating. The origins of the coprophilic behaviour certainly appear in this case to be as a result of both classical and operant conditioning.

However, other people suggest different etiological factors may contribute in the development of coprophilia. For instance, in Canada, Dave Hingsburger published a case study of an institutionalized and mentally handicapped man who engaged in coprophilic acts approximately three times a week. Whatever the origins, it fecal fetish evident that compared to many other paraphilic behaviours, there is a dearth of empirical and clinical data relating to the acquisition, development, and maintenance of coprophilia.

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Archives of Sexual Behavior, 5, — Wise, T. Escalation of a fetish: Coprophagia in a nonpsychotic adult of normal intelligence. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 21, Bookmark the permalink. I was going to ask if there was any research on bad personal hygiene, nose picking or flatulence habit being ed for as an addictive cycle, self-reinforced owing to value differences between the individual who may associate sweat, faeces or other bodily products with successful completion of activity.

I find this one pretty difficult to for on the whole….! I have a blog that I have already written but not yet posted coming out next week on eproctophilia sexual arousal from flatulence. Not sure I would class it as addictive but it will make an interesting read. I also have a blog coming up on autosarcophagy which covers people eating bits of their own body. Watch this space! I love to smell and eat my gfs shit. And when you chew the shit and breath through your Nose it kicks it to a whole nother level.

I love to dig shit turds out her asshole and put it in my Mouth and we end up sharing it back and forth as we passionately kiss each other. Or sometimes she would squat on my chest and take a shit on me then turn around and look down on me and smear it all over my chests and face with her feet. She jacks me off until I cum on my shit filled chest.

Gosh am I weird? I love it. Thank you for providing the information! When Fecal fetish searched poop today, I came across a group who loved to poop on their pants and even have orgy! Right now it says that one in 12 non-zoophilic sadomasochists engaged in coprophilic cats. I assume this is a deeply ironic typo.

Fecal fetish

If not, could you have one of those fecally fetished felines get in touch with my dog? Thanks for spotting that Alethia. What course would you recommentd to the parents of an 11 year old male above average intelligence with no mental impairment who, while always having had bowel movements in pants is now escalating into playing with and ingesting his feces? Hi Elaine. Best wishes. I believe that the human fascination with crap comes from evolution and our fecal fetish ancestors.

Back then, starvation was always around the corner. They practiced what is known as second harvest. They would essentially take their crap and eat the parts of it that contained undigested food.

Fecal fetish

This was a necessity to stay alive. Over a million years of doing this, we have evolved to have an intimate relationship with our crap. So from this alone it is easy to see that every single person has a mild paraphilia. For some people, that primal bond goes a step further and they are able to use it to elevate their sexual arousal to a higher primal level. Interesting said, Jason! But…why can this be related to sexual purpose? Why people could feel sexually aroused with poop?

Fecal fetish

I think it is because sex is strictly a primal urge, and we also have a strong primal relationship with our poop. Some people combine these two primal feelings, along with the sexual pheromones that are in poop, to create an elevated sexual experience. I believe evolution put sexual pheromones in our poop and rectum as a guarantee that sexual intercourse would occur.

Fecal fetish

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How the Hell Can Someone Have a Poop Fetish?