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An aging cowboy finds to his embarrassment that the successful business he has inherited from his brother is actually a house of prostitution. John O'Hanlan : How much money do you want, Harley?

Harley Sullivan : Fifteen or twenty dollars ought to do me. John O'Hanlan : What do you need it for? Harley Sullivan : Things. John O'Hanlan : Well, what kind of things? Harley Sullivan : Just-just things. You know, like a drink of whiskey if I wanted it, or a new shirt or something. John O'Hanlan : You already have two shirts. You don't want to wear but one of them at a time unless it's winter. Harley Sullivan : There you go thinking like a Republican again. John O'Hanlan : Well, you don't bring up politics while you're borrowing money, Harley. It ain't seemly! In. Play trailer Comedy Romance Western.

Director Gene Kelly. James Lee Barrett Davis Grubb novel. Top credits Director Gene Kelly.

Trailer Official Trailer. Photos Top cast Edit. Shirley Jones Jenny as Jenny. Elaine Devry Pauline as Pauline. Dabbs Greer Willowby as Willowby. Jean Willes Alice as Alice. Robert J. Wilke Corey Bannister as Corey Bannister. Pat O'Malley Dr. Foy as Dr. Jason Wingreen Dr. Farley Carter as Dr. Farley Carter. Gene Kelly. More like this. Storyline Edit. Out of the blue, the grizzled farm hand, John O'Hanlan, receives an unexpected letter from an unknown solicitor in the far off town of Cheyenne, Wyoming, informing him that he is the proud cheyenne social club nude of the Cheyenne Social Club, now that his estranged brother, D.

Eager to trade in the dusty landscapes of Texas for an easy life as a businessman--and at the same time intrigued--John sets out on a long trip along with his best friend, Harley Sullivan, to create a better future for himself. Somehow, John's newest and only acquisition has both a good and a bad reputation; either way, the establishment's inexperienced manager now holds the fates of its loyal staff in his hands: a beautiful sextet of dedicated, and above all, popular female employees.

However, is John cut out for business? They made their own laws at "The Cheyenne Social Club" Did you know Edit. Trivia The political subtext was a reference to the real-life political differences cheyenne social club nude James Stewart and Henry Fonda. Goofs There are no mountains in the immediate vicinity of Cheyenne, Wyoming. User reviews 27 Review.

Top review. Stewart and Fonda are good, but Director Gene Kelly tries to combine the two with very uneven. Cowboy James Stewart receives a letter telling him that he has inherited property from his late brother so he starts out for Cheyenne along with his buddy, Henry Fonda. It is only after he arrives that Stewart finds out the Cheyenne Social Club is not a boarding house or saloon as he supposed, but, well, something else.

Director Kelly plays up the discomfort Stewart feels being the not so proud owner and his futile efforts to close the place down, but most of the jokes in that vein fall flat. That is not to say we can't find humor as, for example, Stewart changing his politics when he fancies himself as a businessman, or Fonda cracking nuts at inopportune moments. Fonda's speeches as the credits are rolling are hilarious. Stewart listens politely until he can't take any more and finally has to tell Fonda to shut up.

The movie is at its best when these two old pros are interacting with one another. Details Edit. Release date June 12, United States. United States. Geschossen wird ab Mitternacht. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 43min. Related news. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. Edit .

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Cheyenne social club nude

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