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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Kevin begins to use this power on a few MILF women, experimenting with his newfound power as he gears up to using it to seduce his ultimate fantasy conquest: his own mother.

It also has Kevin learning more about his mother's slut past and sets up Kevin's plan to give his sexual mentor Ms. Chan a special gift I woke up at I got out of bed and discovered Mom wasn't home, but there was a big fat cum on the kitchen table saying she'd be at work for a few hours such a dedicated worker, working on a Saturday. I poured myself some Wheaties it's the breakfast of championshad breakfast and got a response from Mrs. Walker that 1PM after church would work. I responded saying that worked, and I walked down the street for my morning blow job I walked in and Ms.

Chan called out, "Good afternoon, sleepyhead. Did I wear you out last night? I went into the living room and saw she was watching television and having lunch. She said, "I could use some homemade mayo on my sandwich. She fished out my cock, took it big fat cum her mouth and bobbed, as normal and natural as a morning hug.

This was simply our relationship. I came in her mouth or in her coffee, we chatted while she often gave me excellent advice about my journey as a dominant, I shot a second load somewhere relevant coffee, mouth, face and left. Today it would be on her sandwich, but this relationship with her had become not only my routine, but also my safe place.

Big fat cum

Truth was all the massive changes I'd been going through for the past week and a half were awesome, but they were also a bit overwhelming and confusing. I had to be strong for Mom and dominant for some of my other sluts, but Ms. Chan was not only my cock sucker, which indeed she was, but my mentor, my sounding board. Someone who understood what I was going through and could explain it to me. Quite frankly, I would have been rudderless without her, flailing around in utter confusion and probably hurting some women who deserved far better from me. This being my first load of the day, pretty late for me, I didn't last long, warning her in barely enough time for her to back off, then grab her sandwich and open it as I exploded my not-very-secret sauce onto her lunch meat.

Big fat cum

Once done, she took my cock back in her mouth for a minute before saying, "I've never tried this condiment in a sandwich before. What's on your mind today? One moment she's sucking my cock, next minute she's eating a cum sandwich, then she's being a sweet, caring counselor. I've never mentioned that before, have I? Do you like this girl? I thought of my nerd acquaintance Heather, who I thought the world of but didn't even have the nerve to strike up a conversation with.

I didn't feel at all ready to advance that possibility, nor was I sure I was even capable of a real relationship, which is what I would want with her. Instead, I thought about my afternoon ahead with Amber and answered, "Not particularly, she's a cheerleader bitch. Chan knew me. She took another bite of the cum sandwich before she said, "The most important thing you need is confidence. I thought the answer was yes, until she actually asked the question and then I wasn't so sure.

I was never insecure around cheerleaders or jocks because deep down I always knew I was superior to them academically, but now that I was thinking of interacting instead of ignoring them, I didn't want to be rejected by one. I didn't want to give them any fuel for their fire of cheap superiority. Being bullied for being smart, or teased for not being a muscled jock never fazed me, but being rejected sexually worried me I was now feeling insecurity like I'd never felt before, and I didn't like it.

My big cock had definitely played a role in my sudden good fortune with the MILFs in the community, but my increased swagger had also enhanced my strong position with them, and seemed to make them fall even more in lust with me Sure, sometimes the jocks are also good looking, and sometimes smart, but girls are primarily attracted by their confidence.

But like we've discussed before, you treat me with respect except for the times I invite you to treat me like a slut. And even at those times I don't feel you're judging me, you're just helping me get my buttons pushed. But more to today's point, even when you're expressing your vulnerabilities like now, you're confident around me, and I like that. That's not the case with the cheerleaders and the other popular girls. My whole school existence and coping mechanisms were being questioned. As she sucked me for ten minutes plus, I contemplated her words.

Perhaps I could show this confidence with Amber. It would be a lot easier to try while facing just one person and in big fat cum own home rather than at school in front of cat-calling witnesses. I deposited my load down her throat before I asked, "I'm still not sure how to make Amber into my slut.

But I'd suggest you go commando and wear sweats that will let her detect what you're packing down below. See if she notices. That you're your own man. She put her hand on mine and said in a serious tone, "Except for down below, you're nothing like your father. I went home, removed big fat cum underwear, put on a pair of sweats and waited But maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing.

I then thought how ridiculous this big cock theory would have seemed if I hadn't been living it the last little while. Based on all my prior experience this was a ludicrous theory I would have tried to debunk it if it were presented to me Unable to hide my contempt, I said, as I checked her out in her cheerleader outfit, which she noticed.

Truth was, I'd never watched them compete. That said, she looked so hot in the outfit. In truth, all that was missing was pantyhose. I walked over to her, making sure my hard cock was poking directly big fat cum her, impossible to miss, handed her the textbook and said, "Here, show me what you're struggling with. She looked up from her phone and did a double take when she saw the tent in my pants. It was brief, before she dropped the textbook on the couch and said, "All of it.

To make sure I wasn't imagining things, I flexed my cock and yep, her eyes went wide. I repositioned myself so my crotch was in clear view as I said, "Let's tie this into cheerleading. It must take a lot of practice. The guys talked big around each other between attempts to bully guys like me. Watson insisted I get you to tutor me," she said, that not coming as a surprise. I mean why would she know me, we didn't run in the same circles at all. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now!

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Big fat cum

Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Summary: BFC is used to dominate a hot blonde cheerleader. Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing. I texted Mrs. Walker and said I could tutor her son tomorrow afternoon, if that worked for her. I came over.

Big fat cum

She blew me. God, she was one sexy, crazy, Asian slut. After she took a couple bites she critiqued, "Definitely adds some flavour. I nodded, "That you do. I asked, "So how do I seduce someone?

Big fat cum

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