Anr dating

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Anr dating

Get ready for this Now I have heard of everything! Sites I have ed or looked at recently are: ANRelationships Looked at, didn't. Too flashy, looks like it's full of fakes. Owned by some kind of corporation, obviously just want my money. It anr dating says on the front "Photos used are of models, not real site members"!!! Forget it! Dreams of Milk Good site, free to post Personals to find a partner, but there is a big delay before it appears moderation?

I posted a Personal, but it took three days for it to go up on the message board. Good site, free to use. Lots of visitors displayed anr dating front but not much activity in the Personals section. Chatroom was empty when I tried it. Probably needs more members to increase activity, but it's free so not complaining. Land of Milk and Honey Very few users, very difficult to navigate. Contacted site owner by within 24 hours, asking for refund. No reply, no response. Rip off! Looks like it's been around for a while, so lots of users. But confusing site layout, not easy to navigate.

Lots of spam posts in the forums. Where's the moderator? Overall, though, good for a free website. Beware of the ABF singles site, they will draw you in and get you to pay their member fee. Then will state that their terms have been violated and de-activate your. Beware of this fake admin site!

ANRelationships Forum User. Lightning Anonymous. What is an ANR dating site? Everything has an acronym these days. Ricker Anonymous. Afadmin Anonymous. ANRelationships Anonymous. Quote by: Anonymous Get ready for this Booblover Anonymous. David Anonymous. Mooncake Anonymous.

Anr dating

Quote by: Anonymous Beware of the ABF singles site, they will draw you in and get you to pay their member fee. Peter Hartley Anonymous.

Anr dating

ABF singles is definitely fake. It wasn't too bad when it was free, but later they started sending fake responses and messages and asking for payment. Avoid payment for any of these sites. Soon as there's payment there's scams etc The others are OK.

Generally it's too much of a niche to have a lot of members.

Anr dating

Dreams of milk and reddit are the best ones. New Topic Post Reply. All times are EDT. The time is now am. Search Search.

Anr dating Anr dating

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